Component Materials

Our company facilitates sales of custom-engineered parts made from special materials to original equipment manufacturers. We strive to see that our customers receive top quality parts, competitive prices, on-time delivery, and continual support from our technical sales force.

The parts we supply via our manufacturing partners – Helwig, CDI Energy Products, and Kennametal – are made from diverse engineered materials such as:

We also furnish high performance thermoplastic and fluoropolymer components such as:

  • Seals and O-rings for chemical resistance and high purity
  • Precision and difficult parts made from other plastics

Precision components are manufactured from:

  • Engineered composite materials in sheet, tube, or machined-to-spec geometries
  • Glass-mica composite ceramoplastics with insert molding and machining capabilities
  • Carbon graphite
  • Carbon composites
  • Custom designed rubber parts

These materials are designed to a specific geometry for a particular application in a wide variety of industries. The dynamic capabilities of our manufacturers enable product support ranging from small quantity or sample orders to high volume production requirements.

What sets us apart?

Our company concentrates on selling custom-engineered parts from special materials, to original equipment manufacturers. We strive to see that our customers receive:

  • Top quality parts
  • At competitive prices
  • On time
  • With continual support from our technical sales force

Industries Served


Components that exhibit excellent corrosion and thermal shock resistance and high performance under challenging chemical processing conditions.


High-quality, reliable components designed for construction machinery.


Custom-engineered, reliable solutions for a variety of electronic devices and equipment.

Machinery & Equipment

High-precision and long-wearing material solutions that enhance equipment performance to minimize maintenance and down-time while operating under difficult conditions.


Components that meet strict requirements requiring long life, precision, reliability, and excellent performance.

Oil & Gas

Long lasting components engineered for harsh environments that are corrosion-resistant and stable at both high and low temperatures.


Heavy-duty components with the ability to endure the harsh, corrosive and abrasive environment of the petrochemical industry.


Advanced material components that cope with a wide range of pharmaceutical ingredients, aggressive sterilizing processes, and hygiene regulations.

Power Generation

High-performance components that meet demanding, high-wear environments, in a full range of sizes.

Pump & Valve

Components that exhibit the mechanical, thermal, corrosion, and tribological properties necessary in critical pump and valve applications.


Sealing systems and manufacturing equipment components that meet high purity chemical and material requirements.

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